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Community Leagues are volunteer not-for-profit organizations formed to meet the needs and purpose of residents within a defined geographic area. For nearly a century (the first League was founded in 1917), Edmonton's Community Leagues have provided their residents with recreational, sports, cultural, and educational opportunities. Community leagues also address local issues such as urban planning & development, crime & safety, and transportation. Leagues are recognized by the City as the primary speaking body for the neighbourhood. To learn more about the history of Edmonton's Community Leagues, check out Edmonton's Urban Villages by Ron Kuban.

In addition to providing programs and working on neighbourhood issues, the Queen Alexandra Community League participates in a number of broader initiatives.

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) is the umbrella organization for Edmonton's 150 leagues. EFCL’s purpose is to foster healthy neighborhoods and sustainable community leagues in Edmonton by providing advice, support and coordination of the community league movement in Edmonton. No other organization in North America has such a well developed system of volunteers within communities that provides sports, recreation, culture, and educational opportunities while addressing transportation and land use issues. 

Central Area Council Community League

The Central Area Council of Community Leagues (CACCL) is a forum for mature neighbourhoods in south Edmonton to discuss issues  and promote action in areas of common concern. As a member of CACCL, the Queen Alexandra Community League is able to co-ordinate with surrounding leagues on such issues as transportation, planning and policing.

Old Strathcona Area Community Council

The Old Strathcona Area Community Council (OSACC) meets once per month and has membership from business, non-profit and community organizations in the Old Strathcona area. This group discusses issues directly impacting the Old Strathcona area including planning & development, traffic & transportation, homelessness, and hospitality.