Men's Sheds Information Night

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What are Men's Sheds? Is there interest from men in Queen Alexandra getting together to form a Men's Shed?

On March 10, join us for a presentation and discussion of these questions. Amanda Harriman Gojtan will present an overview of Men's Sheds. There are two in Edmonton. Everyone is welcome to come and hear what Men's Sheds are. 

From the Canadian Men’s Sheds Association:

In a shed, men get together for activities like woodworking projects, cooking, bike repairs, music, and yelling at the television during the playoffs. The movement started in Australia in 2007, expanding their tradition of backyard sheds into collaborative, communal spaces. Since then, the Australian Men’s Shed Association has grown to over 900 member sheds. Other places with large Men’s Shed movements include Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Scotland.

"A recent study on the role of friends found that good-quality friendships help people feel supported. When people have less frequent social interactions, researchers found, they reported lower life satisfaction."

Queen Alexandra Hall
10425 University Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB